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Have you ever found a picture of a kitchen in a magazine or online and thought – I want that !  and you might be thinking that looks amazing but out of my price range, well you’ll be pleased to know that there are so many look a like products now to choose from you can create your dream kitchen on a budget.  Instead of 40mm thick stone benchtops, you can use a laminate that looks like stone.  The size of your kitchen really impacts on cabinetry costs as well as the details you choose, try and keep it simple and use the same colour in the photo you like to keep that budget in check.  The trimming such as handles also have a high and lower range, the style might not be exact but in the same colour and a simpler style will do the trick.
We can create a kitchen just how you want it. Just come for a visit to our showroom and pick your style – custom made.
Kitchen Photo Source (Right side): Home and Gardens

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